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Thousands of disabled and terminally ill children would go without essential equipment, if it wasn't for people just like you, who support Newlife.

Newlife is the UK's largest charity funder of children's specialist disability equipment. We also run the UK's only national emergency equipment service, for terminally ill children.

Newlife Nurses support thousands of families, we campaign for policy change and we fund targeted medical research, to improve child health.

We know children who need your help, right now!

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Children We Have Helped

  • Bethany   - Norfolk
  • James   - Bedfordshire
  • Brady   - Bristol
  • Aaron   - Hampshire
  • Josh   - County Armagh
  • Newlife Services - What We Do

    Nurses & Equipment Helping children and Families

    Newlife Nurses are the gateway to information, grants and care. They man a national Helpline which supports and informs families, whether they have just been told of their child's disability or need help accessing local services. The Newlife Nurse Helpline is free, confidential and trusted.

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    Campaigns & Awareness Helping children and Families

    We work with policy makers at the highest levels from Parliament to Town Halls to ensure that disabled and terminally ill children and their families are not overlooked, and are treated fairly, and that the impact of their experiences ensures a better future.

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    Medical Research Funding & Success

    Newlife Foundation funds pioneering work to improve child health, treatment and the knowledge to prevent disability. Medical research holds the key, we can only unlock the doors with sufficient funding to start to answer the 'why?', 'how?' and 'what next?' questions.

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    How You Can Help Disabled Children

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